Saturday, December 18, 2010

Water Ionizer- a Scam?

I am not against Water Filter as I have installed an overall Stainless steel Nesh Outdoor Prefilter at my home and a small filter at the drinking tap for my own consumptions. I believe it I effective to remove much “impurities” chlorine, chemical and bacterial from our water piping systems.

But I meet salesmen/salesgirls who are trained to parrot some literature that the companies produce that their special has this added features that will keep us healthy.

1. The Oxygenated Water sales person. (My immediate thoughts were that, heh! we get oxygen from the air that we breathe, as our lungs inhale and exhale. Unless we are fishes with gills that get oxygen from water. Drinking such water will not oxygenate our body systems)

2. The Alkaline Water sale person. (My first respond isn’t our body intestinal & pancreatic systems able to regulate the acids/alkaline balance by its self?)

3. The Ionize water sale person.(Can use to wash vegetables, meat, etc and it can remove, pesticides, chemical, hormone in the meats.)

There are so much pseudo science out there that may even caught the expert by surprise.

So I did some Goggling & Yahooing up and here is what I found.

And don’t get me wrong I am a believer in healthy living, good nutrition, exercise, clean water, sunshine and fresh air. But surely such claims needed to be examined before you part with your hard earned money.